Each day individuals across the world benefit from the science behind cold chain shipping. Temperature sensitive items ranging from medications to any type of biochemical product or living sample can be transferred from location to location while maintaining the proper temperature to remain viable. Because of the controlled temperature transportation capability the gap is closed among the pharmaceutical world resulting in more accurate and timely treatment of patients.

During transfer and shipping, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, lab specimen and other temperature sensitive items stand the chance of damaging from the heat penetrating shipping compartments. Cold chain shipping allows the temperature within the chosen shipping method to be maintained at the appropriate temperature depending on the regulations and requirements. Common containers include insulated envelopes, panel sheet containers, molded insulated containers and insulated pallet containers; all of which are designed to control the temperature for long periods of time to withstand the duration of shipment regardless of distance and time.



Benefits of Micro Q Technologies

  • Active precision heating or cooling
  • Temperature LCD display resolution = 0.1° C
  • Temperature control range 0° C to 42° C
  • Rechargeable battery with integrated power supply
  • Ambient Temperature range -20° C to 50° C
  • Temperature holding duration 24+ hours to 168+ hours
  • Microprocessor controlled heat pump
  • Tamper resistant key switch
  • Temperature control resolution = 0.0625° C


Additional Cold Chain Shipping Container Benefits

These types of containers are manufactured with controlled temperature capabilities through an uninterrupted cold airflow or presence. Refrigerants such as gel packs or bricks, dry ice, wet ice and many other options control the temperature at a pre-determined degree in order to keep the shipment whole and viable. Additionally, compartments and containers are designed to withstand all elements of travel. Not only are they capable of maintaining the appropriate temperature, they are lined to withstand travel hazards such as shifting and bumping. The contents are shipped in optimal conditions.

Why is it important to control the temperature of material during transportation? Most pharmaceuticals, lab samples, chemicals, etc. are dependent upon a certain temperature to ensure correct investigation and research and even diagnostic reporting. The proper transportation can also cut down on cost of research by eliminating the amount of pharmaceuticals destroyed during transportation and ensuring the arriving pharmaceuticals are complacent with regulations.

Cold chain shipping is imperative to the pharmaceutical and medical industry as a whole throughout the world. The sharing of research, findings and implementation of both requires a way to get samples and or products safely to another destination. The world is constantly growing and changing. The world of scientific research and medicine is important in that growth through disease control and the sustaining of life. Without the sharing of knowledge it is hard for individuals, groups and even nations to advance. Cold chain shipping has made it possible for any number of people to benefit from a single advancement no matter what part of the world it originated.

For instance, if an experimental drug is developed on one end of the world and it has the potential of curing an aggressive disease on the other part of the planet, it would mean nothing if it could not reach it’s destination intact and accurate. All the work that went into the research, diagnosing, testing and creation would be lost.

It takes time and money to create vaccines and medications, draw labs and extract samples. Just as the human body is affected by it’s temperature, most of these items do as well. The functionality and accuracy depend on it. It will not matter if all the work leading up to shipment was accurate and correct; if the temperature is altered, all will be lost resulting in starting over or being shut down completely because of a violation of code and regulation.

If the temperature is controlled at all times, shipment and transfer of sensitive material will be successful. Cold chain shipping allows for temperature-controlled shipment, resulting in a more accurate, timely, compliant and cost efficient transfer of scientific knowledge throughout the world.

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