Portable Heating Incubators

Many clinical trials are taking place all over the United States and across the world. Often, shipping between locations in clinical trials is necessary. A specimen may be taken at one location but may need to be tested at a location thousands of miles away. Each specimen taken for a clinical trial is significant and important and the damage that can be cause during transit to even one specimen could severely affect a clinical trial. When dealing with things like blood or DNA samples, an incubator must maintain a warm temperature. Often, when discussing shipping between laboratories or cultures, the cold chain is discussed, but, many overlook the importance and need for a reliable heating portable incubator. With DNA samples, room temperature needs to be maintained. Therefore, it is critical that a heating portable incubator be used. With a portable incubator like the MicroQ iQ shipping device, it is possible to have active heating and cooling throughout the shipping process. If a sample is shipped from the United States to Europe, or vice versa, the incubator will encounter large changes in ambient temperature as well as humidity. Whether in the heat of Arizona, a cold cargo holding area, or the hot humid temperatures Florida or in a European country, the MicroQ can adjust the internal temperature of the incubator at all times to maintain the predetermined temperature and make sure your sample is not compromised.

When shipping blood the same principals apply. Room temperature needs to be maintained at all times during shipping. Whether for medical, scientific or even legal reasons, there is a large need every day for shipping blood. The importance of a blood sample arriving in tact and ready for testing is critical and carries very heavy importance for all involved. Damage or degradation is simply unacceptable.


Benefits of Micro Q Technologies

  • Active precision heating or cooling
  • Temperature LCD display resolution = 0.1° C
  • Temperature control range 0° C to 42° C
  • Rechargeable battery with integrated power supply
  • Ambient Temperature range -20° C to 50° C
  • Temperature holding duration 24+ hours to 168+ hours
  • Microprocessor controlled heat pump
  • Tamper resistant key switch
  • Temperature control resolution = 0.0625° C


Additional Portable Heating Incubator Benefits

With a MicroQ iQ shipping device you can rest assured that your samples will arrive safely. By choosing a heating portable incubator that is controlled by a microprocessor you will know your sample will arrive in optimum condition because it is constantly monitored and adjusted as needed to maintain the desired temperature. The heating portable incubator is also incredibly durable, tamper resistant and rechargeable. Therefore, it can be used time and time again which will save a significant amount of money. It is also very lightweight which means it is easy to ship, using even companies like FedEx and UPS. A reliable heating portable incubator can make all the difference.