Clinical trials are taking place every day all over the country and around the world. These clinical trials are leading to life saving cures for diseases, effective treatments and the manufacturing of safe pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Cord Blood Registry notes that they are currently using cord blood in clinical trials to test cord blood’s ability to treat autism, pediatric strokes, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, and juvenile diabetes. Clinical trials are located all over the world. The collection may be taken in one location and the lab or clinical trial location may be a great distance away. Transporting blood samples for clinical trials over a great distance can pose a number of risks and opportunities for damage. According to Clinical Leader, “Potential clinical trial participants and sponsors typically wait 2-3 days for lab results to determine eligibility. For the would-be participant every day that elapses could contribute to the loss of interest and increase the risk for losing a potential study subject for many reasons. And for the pharmaceutical sponsor, delays in enrollment increase the costs of the study and impact the future revenues from commercialization. Sponsors are well aware that the availability of lab test results can make a difference in the completion of key milestones in a clinical trial project. The shipping process of blood samples for a standard battery of chemistry tests represents the most significant cause of delay as most laboratories…In short, shipping blood samples for enrollment is not only slow, it can be very expensive.”


Benefits of Micro Q Technologies

  • Active precision heating or cooling
  • Temperature LCD display resolution = 0.1° C
  • Temperature control range 0° C to 42° C
  • Rechargeable battery with integrated power supply
  • Ambient Temperature range -20° C to 50° C
  • Temperature holding duration 24+ hours to 168+ hours
  • Microprocessor controlled heat pump
  • Tamper resistant key switch
  • Temperature control resolution = 0.0625° C


Additional Benefits

With the risk that there can be delays in shipping and other potential problems that can cause damage to the blood sample, it is important that an accurate and reliable shipping device be used. Using a temperature sensitive portable incubator that is controlled by a microprocessor and can actively heat and cool can help ensure your blood sample arrives safely and in ideal condition for testing. A portable shipping device, such as the MicroQ iQ shipper can adjust the temperature as needed should ambient conditions change. Its battery life is long so delays do not pose a problem and the device is rechargeable and durable. Simply recharge the device and use it again. Since it is rechargeable it can be used again and again for clinical trials, saving a significant amount of money. Shipping blood for clinical trials does not need to be a problem-riddled, expensive endeavor. It can be made simple, reliable and accurate with a temperature sensitive portable shipping device such as the MicroQ iQ shipper.