Temperature Controlled Specimen Shipping

If you as a medical office, drug developer, or police evidence handler are going to all the expense of shipping your samples, organs, or tissues in a temperature sensitive shipping incubator, you obviously want it to get to the desired location in pristine condition. That is why you have invested in the smart containers that measure the temperature inside the container and either heat or cool the air to keep the sample at its optimal condition. You have paid for the container and paid to have it shipped. Imagine how frustrated you would be if the container arrived at its destination with the precious cargo destroyed. Not because the container broke, not because it got lost and the power ran out before it arrived, but simply because one of the shipper’s employees knocked the switch and suddenly all of the settings changed. This is not an acceptable outcome.

This is why a tamper resistant key switch is important. Most of the time, the tampering would probably not be on purpose, although some scenarios could possibly be imagined where it was actually intentional, but just assuming the contents of the temperature sensitive shipping incubator are harmless and no one wants to sabotage blood evidence, it can be assumed that any tampering is just by accident. But there are so many possible ways that the control pad of the shipping container could be nudged, hit, pushed, or banged and if it was not protected, it could be reset accidentally.


Benefits of Micro Q Technologies

  • Active precision heating or cooling
  • Temperature LCD display resolution = 0.1° C
  • Temperature control range 0° C to 42° C
  • Rechargeable battery with integrated power supply
  • Ambient Temperature range -20° C to 50° C
  • Temperature holding duration 24+ hours to 168+ hours
  • Microprocessor controlled heat pump
  • Tamper resistant key switch
  • Temperature control resolution = 0.0625° C


Additional Temperature Controlled Specimen Shipping Benefits

Imagine for a moment, the luggage on a traditional airplane flight. The stories abound of damaged suitcases, fragile musical instruments, broken skis or similar items, not to mention lost luggage that takes days to find its proper owner. This is the sort of baggage that might possibly be sharing space with your precious priceless samples. And it can be assumed that your packages are being subjected to the same treatment. Do not, under any circumstances, allow your cargo to be damaged through a thoughtless baggage handler, shipper, or minimum-wage package thrower. Take the time to find a company that manufactures a temperature sensitive shipping incubator with a tamper-resistant switch that requires a code or a key or some other sort of protective process in order to change the settings on the container. You might think that will make it harder for your employees or the labs on the other end to open your package or pack it up for shipping, and this would certainly be a decision you might have to consider. But it seems possible that with reasonable training and good communication that will not be a major issue.

Use the temperature sensitive shipping incubator to its best advantage and utilize that tamper resistant key switch. That way, you will know that when the incubator reaches the other end of its shipping journey, the contents inside will be safe, temperature-controlled, and useful to the lab or facility where they will be used. Oh, things can still go wrong in almost any sort of shipping process, but purchasing and using a tamper-resistant temperature sensitive shipping incubator is one of the best ways to lessen the possibility of a careless touch ruining your work.

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