Life sciences involve the study of living organisms and investigate the structure of living things from molecules to entire ecosystems. Life sciences are a field of study that include anatomy, biology, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, plant biology, physiology and more. This growing field is making ground breaking advancements in the study of infectious…

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Many may be familiar with what a blood transfusion is but may not be as familiar with what blood platelets are used for. Platelets can also be transfused and are frequently used for patients who have excessive bleeding and for some forms of cancer. Johns Hopkins Medicine describes what the purpose of platelets are, “Platelets…

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Whether treating patients or being tested in clinical trials, pharmaceuticals are incredibly important. Pharmaceuticals are tested for safety in clinical trials, studied as potential treatments for an array of diseases and used to save lives and are therapeutic for certain conditions. From the point of manufacture to clinical trial facilities, laboratories, pharmacies and third world…

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Each day individuals across the world benefit from the science behind cold chain shipping. Temperature sensitive items ranging from medications to any type of biochemical product or living sample can be transferred from location to location while maintaining the proper temperature to remain viable. Because of the controlled temperature transportation capability the gap is closed…

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Hospitals, blood banks, and medical facilities all over the country and the world order and store large volumes of valuable blood products on a regular basis. They store blood and blood products carefully, should a patient need blood or blood products or in case of a major medical emergency. Military organizations also store blood products…

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Fortunately, shipping blood long distances does not have to happen very often. Even hospitals in small communities have local blood banks providing blood for those who are the victims of accidents or who need surgery with transfusions. If someone has a particularly rare blood type, they can bank their own for surgery if they have…

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Temperature Controlled Blood Shipping Container

If the average person knew how much blood was being shipped around with their mail and packages they might be a little grossed out. Many of the blood draws done at the local doctors’ clinic and even some in hospitals, evidence collected at crime scenes, samples from suspects, etc., all travel along the normal transportation…

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When it comes to blood transportation, there really is no room for error. Blood is the fluid of life for every human being. There are many people who donate blood every year. This is a great thing for those people who may need that blood. That blood may be used in surgeries, for victims of…

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Temperature Controlled Vaccine Shipping

We all know what would happen if we left chocolate candy in the car on a hot summer day—it would melt and we would have a hard time eating it. However, not everyone considers what happens to medications like vaccines if they are not stored in the proper temperature during transport. Many vaccine producers use…

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Vaccine Cold Chain Shipping

No matter which vaccine you are talking about, whether it is flu, pneumonia, rubella, smallpox, polio, pertussis, or tetanus, or countless others, vaccines have to be kept cool. Heat is really deadly for vaccines and when they are kept in your local clinic they are probably in a refrigerator of some type. But how is…

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Micro Q

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Temperature controlled microgravity research and scientific experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) and in low Earth orbit.



Micro Q Technologies provides transportable active heating and cooling devices for life science industries such as clinical trial and research, pharmaceutical, biological, medical, and many more.


Micro Q Technologies provides ultra-precise temperature control transporting and shipping devices for the Veterinary Sciences Industry utilizing the Micro Q Patented temperature control system.